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The New Standard
in Bioinformatics Analysis

The first HIPAA-compliant bioinformatics SaaS that runs natively on users' clouds

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability

Better Collaboration

Abstract Surface

Zero Onboarding to Unlimited Resources

Build, manage and deliver genomic analytics on time

HypaHub is a one-stop bioinformatics solution to access complex technologies designed for scientists building data applications or performing data analytics to extract insights.


How it Works

All-in-one solution to automate and manage your resources for insights 

Put HypaHub to work. Invest your time where it's needed.

. . .

Orchestrates Resources

Reduces Complexity

Saves Overhead Cost

HypaHub automates the creation and manages the operation of computing resources, eliminating the need for enterprises to set up and maintain a high-end R&D cloud infrastructure.

Unparalleled transparency.

Impeccable reliability.

We provide transparency for both operation and cost.

Store Big, Think Big

Bring your computation to the data. With zero onboarding, HypaHub helps you store, migrate, and scale with big data securely on the cloud in a HIPAA environment. Encrypted and restricted storages are available.


Maximize your Productivity

HypaHub's "Eco computing" can save up to 10x on your expenses, while our variety of tools, including our professional applications such as HypaBfx, HypaML, and HypaCluster, and their maintenance can save your team 30% of time if not more.


Empower your Analytics

Bootstrap with our friendly AI tools. HypaHub integrates state-of-the-art workflow engines, cutting-edge applications, and your favorite coding and data science tools to suit your need in solving a complex problem. End-to-end analytics are easier than ever.

Our Clients

Why companies like HypaHub?

"Hands down the best tool in our R&D cloud"

HypaHub is hands down the best tool in our R&D cloud. It has helped us accelerate our scientific discovery beyond our imagination.


Diego Rey, Ph.D.

CSO & Co-Founder at Endpoint Health™

Go for Insights Together

Leverage community resources to boost your results. HypaHub provides a platform for you to easily collaborate internally and externally, from sharing ideas, data, apps, and analytics to hunting for insights.


One Price.
One Universal Plan.

Qualified startups may receive a 90-day free trial and other perks through our Startup Program.

Are you from an accredited academic institute? HypaHub's mission is to accelerate research and facilitate collaboration. Our service is free for academics if you are qualified. Please reach out to us at and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Enterprise Plan


Fully guided initial setup

Automated resource management

Access to all bioinformatics workflows

Access to all data science tools

HIPAA-ready environment

Year-round technical support

Want to host HypaHub as a dedicated service for your enterprise or planning to have many users? Please contact our Sales for a customized plan.

One Universal Plan


Request a Demo

Schedule a demo with one of our product experts.

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Get ready to maximize your productivity with our all-in-one solution


Data Science

We conduct comprehensive investigations aimed at translating promising scientific discoveries into tangible medical solutions. Utilizing state-of-the-art AI and big data technologies, our focus is on improving patient outcomes. We engage in active collaborations with esteemed academic and industry partners to drive advancements in healthcare knowledge.

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